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UNM-Taos Sustainability Institute: Humanitarian Design Seminar - August 5-8, 2014

Four days of lectures, movies and workshops with seven speakers from around the world showcasing effective sustainable humanitarian design.

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Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds is the father of radically sustainable architecture. He has refined his experimental homes, known as earthships,for years. Conference attendees have the chance to stay in Phoenix, the home described in his book “Garbage Warrior.”


Illac Diaz

Illac is an innovator with a unique position to inspire others with ideas, vision and passion to create enterprises that uplift sectors of society that would otherwise be forgotten. He is pioneering a whole new field of entrepreneurship, one that seeks to bring the strengths, efficiencies and solutions of business to bear on problems of society.

Speaker Bryan Bell

Bryan Bell

Bryan is the the co-founder of the SEED Network and Design Corps. Organizations that support the view that design can play a vital role in the most critical issues that face communities and individuals, in crisis and in every day challenges.


This summer, from August 5 through August 8, 2014, UNM-Taos will be hosting a Sustainability Institute providing an innovative, multi-day seminar and workshop focused on Sustainability and Humanitarian Design. It the first in a series of Sustainability Institute presentations focusing on sustainable, resilient design for a changing world.

“Since the UNM-Taos Klauer campus is known for being one hundred percent solar powered, this emphasis on sustainability is a natural for us,” conference organizer and UNM-Taos Director of Development, Louis Moya explained.

Participation in the institute is open to sustainability professionals, architects, designers, advocates and the general public, with UNM Taos class credit available for students wishing to participate in the program as a college course. The program will also provide complimentary Continuing Education Units certified by the American Institute for Architects. The seminar will be headquartered at Bataan Hall in Taos, with workshops throughout the Taos area. Lectures, films, informal social gatherings and ample interaction with presenters are also planned.

A great deal of thought, research and planning has gone into designing seminars and workshops that clearly demonstrate local and global examples of viable and efficient construction, food-growing, water catchment, clothing, heating and many other proven ways to meet the needs of the world’s population and planet without compromising our future. Louis Moya said that he was particularly excited about the lineup of highly talented presenters, which features experts from throughout the United States and abroad.

The event will be hosted by Rachel Preston Prinz. Rachel is the face and founder of Archinia. Professionally, she’s an architectural designer, preservationist, television producer, photographer, and sustainability advocate. Described as an “architectural visionary,” Rachel loves to share her passion for great design through public speaking, giving tours, and writing for various media outlets. Her passion resides in discovering the “genius loci” – the “Spirit of Place.”




  • 4 amazing days of workshops/seminars
  • Technical topics and practical guidance
  • Hands on experiences
  • Inspirational stories and creative solutions
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Design clinics with a native/global perspective
  • Rousing opportunities to play + world heritage sites
  • Full access to downloadable HD videos of each session